Pro Muscle Tan

Pro Muscle Tan

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Our competition range contains three core products that cover all the tanning needs of the body building, fitness and performance industries.

Muscle Tan has rapidly become a major contender in the world of body building as it delivers an extraordinary range of deep colour regardless of skin type, is very dry to wear and gentle on the skin while allowing the tan to be pared back post competition to a normal skin tone….Unlike a normal tanning solution!

Muscle Tan has recently been joined by its little sister Bikini Tan to rave reviews. Bikini Tan was created to provide a perfect on stage colour that is very brown perfect for stage lighting.

Not only does Muscle Tan give you the right stage colour, it is organic and infused with aleo vera and vitamin E to ensure your skin stays in it's best condition even after competition.

Recommended by Champions you should experience the difference today!