10 Tips to prepping for COMPETITION DAY

Its always easier to find a buddy and prep for a competition together. During the “low” days, at least the both of you can help pick each other up.
Preferably when deciding on embarking on a competition, one should be planning at least 16weeks ahead. 
The very first thing to do is to give yourself a very good and unbiased assessment.
a. What is your current status in terms of muscle and body fats.
b. What are you strengths and what are your weaknesses in terms of proportion and symmetry.
c. Which category would you most likely be in? 
d. How much do u need to put aside in monetary terms? (excluding food  and gym costs)
There is no “one perfect formula” for a competition prep, the main reason being everyone is different in terms of physical condition. 
Knowing your level bodyfat percentage would be an excellent start, as this would decide the intensity and period of dieting and cardio you will need to perform. 
Calculate the amount of daily calories you are targeting to hit, by taking into account your current meals and adjusting from there. Incorporate different forms of cardio to break the monotony.
Here are some things to take into consideration;
1. Establish various check-points to have an honest review of your condition, and if everything is progressing according to your plan.
2. While u are focused on cutting calories, do not forget to ensure that you are also supplementing yourself with the essential nutrients. Increase fiber in your diet by eating more dark leafy green vegetables, as they can help fill u up, and supply you with iron and calcium.
3. Maintain your training. Instead, try to maintain the level of the weighs you are using. This works to keep your size while u cut.
4. Avoid long workout session. This prevents catabolism of the muscles, which usually occur from long and intensive workouts.
5. Cheat day is not literally “cheat” day. The best form of cheat day is simply to stick to what you are eating, but increasing the carbs. Avoid ice creams and other kinds if desserts. Keep them till after your competition.
6. Three weeks to the competition, make sure you have a good and honest review to know where you stand. This is where you decide whether to stay, to burn more, or to start refeeding. Plan your water intake.
7. One week before the competition, Prepare yourself for your spray tan, by exfoilating your skin and using neutral ph soaps. 
8. It is always good to have a competition coat, as this will give you a perfect tan before going up on stage. 
9. Do not change your diet or add new foods on the day of the competition. Stick to the plan. Any changes would might alter your body’s condition.
10. Look sharp and stay confident! Make sure you give the judges your biggest smile as your go on stage. Pace yourself and make sure each pose you are doing is clearly seen by the judges. You have gone through so much to reach here, so make the moment count!
Here’s wishing everyone a great journey!
Many thanks to our contributor Vin Lam, veteran Fitness competitor, for penning down his experience. :)
2017 Sports Model 1st Runner Up.
2015 Physique War Fitness Model Open 1st Runner Up.